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CLRZ is a simplistic game made within 48 hours. Players try to create the word "CLRZ" (short for Colors) by playing cards of the 4 different colors of letters. However, to place a card, you must give some cards from your hand to an opponent, corresponding to the colors shown on the bottom-half of the card you're playing. Be careful what you give to other players, as this may help them, and at the same time, try to keep the right cards in your hand to play next turn!

Card_41 copy.png
Card_28 copy.png
Card_7 copy.png
Card_64 copy.png

Beat Rush

beat rush.gif

Beat Rush is an Arcade game made within 7 days. You must jump on platforms to avoid a rising lava floor. You have 5 dashes you can use to slow time before launching yourself in the air. Be careful of the redhot platforms: you will lose a life upon touching them and be launched at vertiginous speeds. However, trying to get close to them can be a good idea: If you double jump near enough, you will cool down the platform and regain your dashes. Dash through a platform to go even further and be immune to redhot platforms.

Intricate mechanics that work together to create interesting decisions and risks.



Wazabi is a 2D puzzle game made within 7 days. In each puzzle, you control one sushi and must grab the wazabi before leaving through the plate. You are being chased and attacked by 2 others sushis! The twist? You can press Space to gain control of a different sushi! Each sushi has a shooting ability that has different effects: Pull, Push, or Switch. If you kill the other sushis, you might regret it later as their power can prove useful! Think twice!



Dawnbreak was a game I developed a few years ago. Players were able to move the sun and the moon on the horizon. Depending on the position of the luminaries (Dawn, Zenith or Dusk), players could give birth to different celestial gods. During an Eclipse (moon and sun at the same position), new gods were "Eclipseborn", granting them a special ability. The game was mainly an engine building game, where players had to "Fade" gods to lose them and gain points.

Deep Forge

Deep Forge was a game inspired by the video "Diggy Diggy Hole". Players would hire dwarves to "mine" (draw) cards from a "mountain" (the central deck). The deeper players went into the mountain, the more treasures and ores could be found, but the more dangerous creatures would appear.

Ion Core

Ion Core was a video game I made during my first college year. The player was thrown into a collapsing turbine and was tasked to keep it rotating. As it rotates, the engine would break and pieces of it would fall from the ceiling. If any piece hit the character on the head, the game was lost. This fun experiment allowed me to learn more about C# and unity.

Art & Etc

Here are some other pieces of art I made on different occasions. I am no artist, but figured these may show my limitations in terms of artwork.

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