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Game Jams are game design competitions. Participants receive a theme at the beginning and are given a day to create a game respecting that theme. When I participate in Game Jams, I make sure to prove my design skills by creating unique and elegants games.

Burger Revolution - 1st Prize 2021


Play as a group of underpaid cooks and cooperate to grill delicious burgers under the unstoppable flow or new orders! Your workspace? A giant rotating tray to which each player can only access a small portion! You will have to coordinate your efforts and rotate the tray to send ingredients to your partners before the ring bells, sending more angry clients crushing the family business! Overcooked as a board game, if you will!

I designed Burger Revolution during an online Game Jam with the theme "Revolution". We won 1st Prize.

Lockheart - 1st Prize 2020


In Lockheart, try to understand the heart of your teammate by comparing how they react to different heart-breaking scenarios. For each situation, they reveal to you 2 emotions they would feel, but only through the numbers they associate these emotions with. It's then up to you to decipher their feelings and match them with the numbers. You know they would feel the same way whether they found out their crush likes someone else or if their roommate adopts a spider. What could these emotions be?

I developed this game in 8 hours during the ETS Jam of 2020, with the theme "emotions". We won first prize.


Off Spring - 2nd Prize 2019

Tied for 1st Prize


You are the offspring of the Woman who was tasked to change the seasons. Stuck in an eternal winter, you only can move time to reach Spring again.

Off Spring features a clever card drawing mechanic, where you need to cut the organized deck before drawing a card. The deck is sorted according to the seasons cycle, and no matter how many times you cut it, the time loop within it will remain intact. Aim for the right season.

I designed this game in 8 hours during the ETS Jam of 2019, with the theme "Seasons". We were tied for 1st Prize, and ended up 2nd during the tie-breaker.

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