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Deeper Sins


Deeper Sins was the first game I developed after going "serious" into game design. It was, unoriginally, a coop dungeon crawler where monsters and bosses would submerge the adventurers into Madness. However, it was a real-time game where you pool of dice was multi-purpose. Your dice were unique to your character class, and their icons would allow you to active unique skills. They also represented your health: lose your last die and you would fall of exhaustion. Combat was a clever puzzle where players had to assign their dice to corresponding damage slots on the monster card. However, the development of the game was halted due to a design roadblock. It could eventually come back to life as a lighter experience.

I did all the artwork for the game, as well as the game design. We had over 100 playtests and went through a lot of different iterations. Truly the project that opened my eyes to the most common mistakes of Game Design.

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